Introducing Codename: Morningstar

You found us!  Now roll for insight.

Hello, my name is Evan Newton, and I am the Producer for Codename: Morningstar.

We are a small group of artists, designers, and engineers who have the honor of building a powerful set of digital tools, in partnership with Wizards of the Coast, for the fifth edition of the Dungeons & Dragons Tabletop Roleplaying Game®.

So what exactly is Codename: Morningstar?

Codename: Morningstar is an integrated toolset and rules knowledgebase for Dungeon Masters and players.  It combines rules, character sheets, and adventures together into a clean interface that allows fast and easy management of a face-to-face game.  But, to be honest, that’s not all it will offer.

Here are just a few of a large list of features we’re developing:

  • A powerful and customizable character sheet
  • Fast, guided, character creation
  • Adventure management and tracking as a DM
  • Party communications between players
  • Simple rules search, bookmarking, and annotations
  • Online or offline play

In addition, I’m excited to share that (once the tool launches) all the latest D&D adventures and content will be available to download as they are released, simultaneously with the physical versions.

Our goal with this toolset is to make it simple and powerful.  As huge fans ourselves, we want Codename: Morningstar to be as flexible as possible while preserving the essence of the D&D® tabletop roleplaying experience.  We can’t wait to let you play with it.

However, the truth is, we need your help.  In order for us to bring you the best companion to your game, we need your thoughts and suggestions.  How do you play?  If you had the chance to design a digital tool for fifth edition, what would you want?

Let us know what you think through Twitter and Facebook.  I’ve got more updates coming up very soon, including an FAQ and information on how to sign up for our Beta program.  For now, let’s dream about how to reinvent tabletop gaming.

Evan Newton


Producer, Codename: Morningstar
Trapdoor Technologies