So, about that Beta…

Your first chance to get involved in the Codename: Morningstar Beta is fast approaching! Here are a few things you’ll need to know before you sign up:


Available Platforms

Due to restrictions with Apple provisioning, we will not be able to offer an open beta program for iOS. This may change with the advent of iOS 8, but as of now is not a possibility.

Android tablet and web users are welcome to participate. At this time, Kindles and Windows Surface Tablets are not supported natively.

Minimum Supported Platforms (Note: may change in the future)

Android: 2.3.3 or newer (Tablet)

Web: All major browsers supporting HTML 5 and Javascript

How Do I Report Feedback/Bugs?

Once invited, you will gain access to our UserVoice portal where you will have the opportunity to report bugs, express your thoughts, and directly interact with our development team. You may vote on ideas/concerns according to how important they are to you, and you’ll see our knowledge base expand according to the questions you ask.

Can I access the web version from my mobile device?

Yes, you could access the web version from your mobile device, however Morningstar is not optimized for mobile browsers at this time. You may be able to open it and log into the system – realize it will not run well or look great!

How will invites work?

After sign ups open, we will be rolling out invites to test our cloud storage system. It’ll be like doing the wave at a baseball game.

When will sign ups open?

Arrrghghghgh! As you can imagine, timelines, deadlines and submissions are moving quickly and details can change at a moment’s notice. We don’t want to promise something by publishing a date only to have to move that date back. When we are ready for sign ups to open, we shall shout it from the mountaintops.

Any other questions?    

Send us a message on Facebook ( or tweet us @dndmorningstar


We are eager to share Codename: Morningstar with players and DMs exclusively during the beta test period. We’re looking for as much feedback as we can get to make the digital tools the best they can be. Thanks for your continued patience and understanding as we get everything ready for you!