What We Learned at Origins…

One week ago, we launched this website and Codename: Morningstar was unveiled to the world. Much has happened since then: We traveled to the Origins Game Fair to show off Morningstar, tweeted our faces off, caught the con-crud, listened to a lot of feedback, met lots of new friends, and learned a ton.

To everyone who found us at Origins, from the entire Trapdoor team, thank you! It was an absolute pleasure to see our hard work in the hands of so many DMs and adventurers.

We had fourteen slots per session for players to come and check out Codename: Morningstar – and had an excellent turn out. We had everyone fill out a survey after the adventure was over – out of five possible stars, our goal was 4 stars. Here are a few details from the survey:

How would you rate your overall experience with the toolset?

  • 23% (30): 5 stars
  • 60% (78): 4 stars
  • 13% (17): 3 stars
  • 4% (6): 2 stars
  • 0% (0): 1 star

How likely would you be to recommend the toolset to your gaming friends? (5 being very likely)

  • 42% (53): 5 stars
  • 38% (48): 4 stars
  • 15% (19): 3 stars
  • 2% (3): 2 stars
  • 0% (1): 1 star

The reception surpassed our expectations. Other questions we asked were regarding favorite features, what was frustrating and what’s missing. There were a few questions that floated to the top that we’ll address them in the link below - all of the feedback was extremely useful for us and helped refine our design ideas.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are out in full force on the social medias – @DnDMorningstar or on Facebook. Find us on EN World (Hobo the Delightful) or WoTC forums (HoboDelight) or post a comment below. We are listening – and spreadsheeting the $*@& out of your feedback!

Without further delay….please click here for the FAQ.


May your next roll be a natural twenty,

Hobo the Delightful